Tommy Ketterhagen 3/4 1st Place

Report Date
Saturday, 19 Jan, 2019

I've always been very active on bicycles -  My childhood summers were spent roaming Corvallis, Oregon with friends, always racing from point to point, with the leader always taking ... moretime to moon the chasers. While racing Track/Cross Country and studying business at Portland State University, I developed a love for charging through Portland traffic on my Look HM KG386.

However, it wasn’t until my July 2017 relocation to Travis Heights that I became interested in competitive cycling, at the encouragement of my awesome roommate Steve. In early August I purchased my Felt AR5 and have been hammering the roads of Austin since, strengthening my desire to re-enter the world of competitive athletics with each pedal stroke.
Home Town:
Corvallis, Oregon
Puncheur, All Around