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I first developed a love for cycling after signing up for a charity century ride on a whim. I showed up on the start line under-trained and on a borrowed bike, but by the end of the day I was hooked on the sport. During my early days in Austin, cycling was a great way to stay healthy through the pandemic, and once I found the Breakfast Club it was also a way to find community. It was on these group rides that I first met some Night Owls who smashed pedals on the bike and made great conversation off it.

Craft beer drinker. Fun uncle. Steadfast friend. Always looking for a chance to explore new countries and cultures. When I’m not on the bike or working my day job as an M&A consultant, I'm often watching/playing soccer or hanging out at a local coffee shop pretending to be productive while listening to the Hamish & Andy podcast.
Still very early in my racing career, so I'm just trying to take in as much knowledge from the veterans as possible and help put the Night Owls on the top step in every race.
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