San Marvelous #2 40+

Report Date
Saturday, 5 May, 2018
While low numbers continue to plague this road race series, Andrew Martin was one of 3 entrants in the 40+ field.  With that being so, it was combined with 4/5.  So, while being a cat 3 and a shorter distance, it was time to sandbag and have some fun.  The plan was to try to blow the race apart, punish the cat 4/5 racers, and in the end, hopefully help out a few former Bat City racers to a good result.  It was the decided the best way to do this was attack from the gun and just keep launching bombs all morning.  An early 4 man break started, but it fell apart after a few miles due to not everyone pulling hard enough.  Up over the wall and the ensuing climbs, Andrew kept attacking with one of the Bat City riders and over the course of the 4 laps the group did get whittled down, with about 2/3 of the field remaining at the end.  There was just one 40+ racer who didn't contest the finish, so Andrew rolled over the line to collect the prize money of the day to cover expenses.  Looking forward to the next San Marvelous race, but definitely going to be jumping back in the 3/4 where he belongs.
Andrew picked up cycling after a devastating knee injury suffered playing ice hockey as a way to rehab and eventually migrated to triathlon, realizing that the cycling was the most ... morefun and rewarding aspect of training. Now based out of Philadelphia, PA, Andrew continues to fly the Night Owls flag as a category 3 and masters racer.
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