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Got Lucky again! Hard race. First 3 laps were inconsequential, except that one dude from San Antonio went ahead and stayed there. He was always barely visible. A min or two ahead.... more

Attacks started flying even before the last lap. Last lap was red hot. After several attacks, Zach, Jordan Parker & I managed to get away. We went pretty hard. The field did not want to let us go. We spent maybe 15-20 min at the front always being chased by the field 10-20 seconds back. Zach was super strong. We got caught.

On the way back into town attacks started again I was always around top 10. At one point, we went into a lull up the hill. A bit of rest from the attacks. I continued the momentum forward - slow pedaling it. I look back and Zach, the monster, is on my wheel and the pack is 20 feet behind. Ohh shit?! I yelled: “Let’s go”. And the hammering started and never stopped. It was 2 of us chasing the sole dude in the front. Zach probably did a good 65% of the work. We closed 1 or 2 minutes. Carrying my fat 194 pounds up those hills is not fun. I was at the limit. We were closing the sole dude ahead and closing fast. We managed to get to him on the 200-meter line. I knew that if I managed to get to the 200-meter line I could squeeze extra juice from my fast twitch. After all, fast twitch, doesn’t need oxygen. Good, because my lungs were shot. Sprint! Yes.

About 5 miles to the finish when I was in the break on the last lap I hit something that looked like a 2x4 or a tree branch. Hit it head on. I managed to stay upright. The pack in the back had worse luck. Sucks!
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Saturday, 21 Jan, 2017
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Saturday, 14 Jan, 2017
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Sunday, 11 Sep, 2016