Pace Bend Road Race Win

Report Date
Sunday, 26 Feb, 2017
I ride bikes.. Growing up in San Antonio, I got my first bike 11 years ago from a pawn shop as an alternative to riding the bus everywhere. I fell in love with the freedom of cycling, ... moreand have been riding almost every single day since then both for fun, and because it's my only means of transportation. My life revolves around my bikes. I slowly became stronger and pushed myself more and more, regularly riding from SA to Austin, Corpus, and other parts of Texas for six years, eventually going on a 2600 mile bike tour across the Western US.

In 2013, I moved to Austin and started to do group rides. Before this, cycling was always a solitary experience for me. Riding with other cyclists showed me my true strength, with my fellow riders encouraging me to start racing. Three years later, 2016, I did. One year later, I'm a Cat 3, and I'm not stopping until I'm a pro.

By day I'm a classically trained French Chef with a culinary degree... By night I'm an owl flying not on wings, but on a bike.
Trash Panda
Home Town:
San Antonio, TX
Climber, All Around