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Cycling, Swimming
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Sean Penn
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Shreveport, LA
Matt K
I grew up in Louisiana where I developed an interest in endurance sports and deep-fried foods. UT Austin alumnus and former competitive swimmer (Hook 'Em.) MTB, Road, Gravel, Downhill, and chill. Fitness and training data enthusiast. I love ice cream and colorful movies. Night Owl rookie coming to a race near you. Fun rides with Breakfast Club.

Sean Penn

Favorite Route:
Austin-wise, my favorite route is Lime Creek when it’s sunny out. If you ask me, it's the rich man's dam loop. Outside of Austin, the most gorgeous route I've ridden was through the Muir Wood in Mill Valley, CA - outside San Francisco. It was like riding up into the clouds.

Favorite Climb:
I'm a huge fan of the massive climb we did with @breakfastclubatx on our trip to Santa Fe. It's almost 14 miles long @ 3.9% and took me a little over an hour. Ironically, the segment is called "Sprint for the Sign!" They don't make climbs like that in Texas.

In-and-around Austin my favorite climb is Jester. Just nice and steep all the way through.

I dream of doing some of the iconic climbs from the Tour De France. They have such hard-core names like 'Le Col de la Croix de Fer' (The Pass of the Iron Cross) or 'Cote de la Fosse aux Loups' (Den of Wolves.) My favorite is 'La Planche des Belles Filles' (The Board of Beautiful Women) which has an interesting folk tale behind the name.

Favorite KOM:
'bouldin' (Segment right outside my house in Bouldin Creek.)

Tell us one fact about yourself:
My family is from Poland. I know Polish and German.